Israeli Independent Academy for Development of Sciences (IIADS)

Израильская Независимая Академия Развития Науки (ИНАРН)  

האקדמיה העצמאית לפיתוח מדע בישראל (אעפמי)


of the International Scientific-Practical Conference "Problems of Integrated Sustainable Development of the Coastal Zone", Netanya, 2019

1. To consider the Conference held successfully, at a high scientific level, the questions raised at the Conference as important and relevant for the life of Israel.

2. To consider expedient to hold such conferences periodically, connected with all aspects of the development of the coastal zone of Israel.

3. Place on the website of the Israel Independent Academy for the Development of Science (IIADS) information about the conference held and the Proceedings of the conference.

4. Taking into account the relevance and vital need of the issues addressed at the conference, send the conference materials to the head of the National Economic Council, the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry tourism, the Ministry of Health, as well as relevant organizations and educational institutions.

5. For the successful development of the Mediterranean coastal waters of Israel, note the importance of the proposal on the need to solve three organizational and technical tasks:

6. To pay attention to the fact that without the development of the territorial sea, the problems of water scarcity for the development of agriculture, the restoration of Lake Kinneret and the Dead Sea, and the arrangement of the Negev desert cannot be effectively solved.

7. To consider it necessary to pay attention to the creation of environmentally friendly systems of converting the energy of sea waves and protecting the coast from destruction, including the protection of beaches from sea waves, as well as the development of work on the use of other renewable energy sources in the coastal zone for widespread use in desalination systems sea water and for other autonomous energy consumers.

8. Based on the projected significant population growth in Israel, it is necessary to stimulate research on the creation of artificial islands with settlements that are comfortable for living. Such settlements will significantly solve the demographic problem. Artificial islands should be designed as autonomous as possible for life support.

9. Given the highly professional level of Israeli medicine. the healing properties of the Mediterranean climate and the prospects associated with the development of the territorial sea, consider it relevant to create in the coastal zone sanatorium-resort centers that will use modern digital technologies in the provision of medical services, which will significantly increase competition with health organizations sanatorium-resort zones of other countries. Based on the increase in the number of participants in the medical section of the conference and the relevance of the issues raised at it, it is considered appropriate to hold separate conferences on the use of the coastal climate in combination with the latest medical advances for recovery and rehabilitation.

10. To consider it necessary to create an electronic site for the continuous exchange of information between conferences on the subject of the development of the coastal zone of Israel, which will improve the efficiency of the proposals.

11. To improve the performance of repatriate scientists on a wide range of their activities, need call to the Ministry of Aliya and Integration and the Ministry of Science and Technology to create a structure that would serve as an intermediary with government and scientific organizations and coordinator of the work of groups of repatriates at Houses Scientists and equivalent organizations. Also, for these purposes, to propose to the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration to restore the “10 Cities Program” to finance the work of the Houses Scientists and equivalent structures.

12. To note the effective work of the Institute of Integration and Professional Adaptation (Institute) of Netanya in the organization and holding of the Conference. Considering the 20-year-old activity of the Institute, useful for society, it is proposed that the Municipality of Netanya and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration fully support the work of the Institute, including by providing it with material support.

Chairman of the organizing Committee : Dr. Michail Kozlov

Scientific Secretary of the Committee : Dr. Lyudmila Hryaznova